Understanding John Deere Tractor Numbers

John Deere Utility Tractor

Curious what the numbers and letters stand for in John Deere’s tractor model numbers? We’ve got your answer. Each character in the model names stands for something, either the size of the tractor, the engine power, the trim level, or the configuration. Follow along as we break it all down and walk through some examples.

The Method

Compact utility tractors and utility tractors are named with a combination of four numbers followed by one or two letters. The first number denotes the size and family of the tractor and the next three numbers specify the approximated engine horsepower. The first letter following the number indicates the capability and features of the tractor. John Deere currently has four capability levels: D, E, M, and R. The higher in the alphabet the letter is, the more feature-loaded the tractor is. The second letter, if there is one, states the tractor's configuration. This letter lets you know if the tractor is set up for working in narrow settings, if it has tracks, etc.

Example Model: 5090EL

Let breakdown the model number listed above, the 5090EL.

  • 5 - This first number lets you know it is part of the 5 Series family and is the smallest full-size utility tractor frame John Deere makes.
  • 090 - These three numbers indicate that the approximate engine power is 90 HP.
  • E - This letter lets you know it is a basic tractor with few extra features.
  • L - This final letter specifies it is set up as a low profile - low clearance tractor.

How To Say The Model Names

There are a lot of different ways people refer to the model numbers but John Deere has a preferred way for them to be pronounced so there isn’t any confusion on the size and ability of the tractor being referred to. Below are a few examples of how the numbers should be read.

  • 5090EL: “Five-Zero-Ninety E-L”
  • 5100M: “Five-One-Hundred M”
  • 5125R: “Five-One-Twenty-Five R”

At first, it might seem a bit tricky to remember what each number and letter means, but with time, it will get easier. Understanding how John Deere names their tractor models makes it easy to quickly identify the size of the tractor, what a tractor is capable of, and what level of features the tractor is equipped with. Swing my Lasseter Tractor today to test out any of our new or used John Deere tractors.

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