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Servicing a John Deere tractor

Having a tractor is great, but only when it’s working. Part of owning a tractor is maintaining it to make sure it stays in good working condition. Not doing routine maintenance or taking it in for services, can cause premature wear on the tractor and shorten the lifespan. Tractors are designed to be used for years, but they need a little attention if they are going to make it that long. Below we’ve lined out some things you can do at home to maintain your tractors, and some signs to watch out for that mean you need to bring it into the dealership to get it looked at. At Lasseter Tractor, we have highly trained technicians that will service your tractor for you.

At-Home Maintenance

Below are some of the most critical maintenance checkpoints but these are far from all of them, make sure to reference the maintenance guidelines in your operator's manual.

Clean Radiator Screen

This is a fairly simple but often overlooked part of maintaining a tractor. Cleaning out the radiator and screens with compressed air allows the tractor to have proper airflow. Having clogged screens can cause the tractor to overheat because it isn’t allowing the engine to dissipate heat properly. Make sure to clean out any dust and debris before each use and even partway through the day if you are working in a high dust area.

Check Oil Levels & Replace Filters

One of the best ways to increase the longevity of your tractor is to keep the oil and filters fresh. When the oil, air, and fuel filters get clogged, it makes it more difficult for the tractor to function properly. After all, it’s hard for your tractor to be running like a well-oiled machine when it’s not getting the oil it needs. Routinely checking these filters and keeping them clean can also help you be aware of any potential issues before they become bigger problems. 

Lubricate Grease Points

Keeping the grease points well lubricated is an important part of keeping the machine in good condition. Lubricating these points helps keep these parts mobile so they don’t overheat. The tractor owner's manual will tell which points need to be greased. Some of the most common ones are bearings, three-point hitch pivot points, and ball joints. Make sure to clean these points before and after you grease them to help keep dirt from entering the seal.

Signs It’s Time For A Service

Sometimes your tractor just needs a little bit more attention than you are able to give it at home, and that’s where our team comes into play. It’s important to have your tractor serviced on an annual basis to make sure everything is working properly and ready to go for the next year. However, there are a few key indicators to be aware of that let you know something isn’t quite right with your tractor and it needs to be looked at.

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Check Engine Light Is On

This is perhaps the most obvious indicator that something isn’t quite right. When the check engine light turns on, it means something has triggered an internal sensor and is telling the tractor something isn’t right. To take care of this, bring your tractor in, or call our team and we will work to figure out what is triggering the light and how to fix it. Don’t worry, just because the light came on doesn’t mean it’ll be a huge expense.

Weird Noises & Difficulty Starting

This one requires you to be familiar with the way your tractor sounds and operates. If you start noticing that your tractor’s idle sounds different or you are having a hard time getting it to start, this is often an indicator that something is failing or going out on your tractor. To avoid causing further damage to  your tractor, contact a technician right away and get a service appointment set up. It’s always better to check these things out right away.

Change in Oil Level

It’s important to keep an eye on your oil for several reasons, but pay special attention to the oil levels. If the oil level is going down on your tractor, it can indicate a leak in the system and it needs to be fixed as soon as possible.  Running out of oil can cause the engine to seize, which no one wants. If the oil levels appear to be going up, it’s possible antifreeze or coolant is leaking into the oil.

Service At Lasseter Tractor

Our team’s main priority is to get your tractor running and in the best condition possible. We offer service specials for both compact and utility tractors. Both plans include FREE Pickup and Delivery within a 50-mile radius and FREE wash and clean up, as well as a multi-point inspection.

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