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Deciding what size tractor and how much horsepower you’ll need depends on what kinds of jobs you’ll be doing with your tractor. Whether you’re in need of a tractor for your small garden and yard work, or something as large as a row cropping operation, Lasseter Tractor Company will be your guide to picking the right-sized tractor for your property. 

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John Deere 3025E Compact Tractor

First, let’s talk about horsepower (hp). You’ll see two numbers: engine hp and power take-off (PTO) power. Engine hp simply refers to the engine’s power output, while PTO power refers to the amount of power output after some horsepower is spent running things such as hydraulics or power steering. PTO power is the amount of usable horsepower for engaging implements such as a backhoe or loader. 

Choosing Your Tractor

As mentioned above, your desired tractor size will be determined by the general tasks you’re hoping to complete. For example, simple landscaping tasks like lawn mowing, moving dirt and scraping your gravel drive can be accomplished by a smaller tractor. Trail clearing, putting in fence rows and small row cropping jobs will require a tractor with higher horsepower. Regardless of your chores, you’ll need to ensure that your machine’s PTO power is at least equal to the power required by your desired implements.

Mid- and Rear-Mount Mowing, Hauling Supplies, Tilling a Garden

For chores like these, we recommend tractors ranging from 20-35 engine hp. Some of John Deere’s most popular tractors in this range are the 1023E, 1025R and 3032E. These machines are also great for general landscaping tasks, scraping gravel lots, pulling yard carts and much more. 

Property Maintenance, Trail Clearing, Pulling Trailer Loads

For slightly larger properties with larger tasks, consider a mid-sized compact tractor, ranging from 36-50 engine hp, like the John Deere 3038E or the 4044R. With a loader or a backhoe, these tractors are great for digging, moving dirt, hauling chopped wood and general daily maintenance. Their compact size and mid-range power make them highly versatile and capable for many jobs. 

Small-Scale Farming, Row Cropping, Plowing

We recommend tractors ranging from 51-65 engine hp for heavier-duty tasks on your property. Check out the John Deere 4052R and 4066R. If you run a small farm, these compact tractors are great when a utility tractor is too large or more powerful than you need. Additionally, these tractors are great for larger-scale farmers looking for a smaller tractor for daily maintenance and more efficient movement.

Still Stuck?

If you find yourself stuck between these categories–maybe you need a small landscaping machine but own 25 acres of woodland trails–we recommend choosing the tractor with higher horsepower. A 36-50 engine hp tractor can always mow your lawn but a 20-35 hp tractor can’t always haul the weight that you’ll need it to. If you’re having trouble deciding which tractor is best for your property, contact an expert at Lasseter Tractor Company today.

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