John Deere 5E Tractors for Sale in Warner Robins, GA

John Deere 5E Tractors

You must be on the hunt for a 5E Series John Deere tractor. Look no further! We are proudly serving Warner Robins, GA here at Lasseter Tractor Company. We offer numerous choices including open station, standard cab and premium cab. Continue reading to learn more about some of our excellent inventory selection.

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Selecting Your 5E Utility Tractor

The John Deere 5E series is the ideal choice for home or property owners with substantial acreage. From ranches to rural properties to commercial sites, this utility tractor offers more comfort and versatility than most. We want you to be able to confidently choose the tractor that is right for your needs. Below we have compiled a list of some of our best 5E tractors and their key features to help guide you in the right direction.

John Deere 5045E Utility Tractor

John Deere 5045E

Key Features:

  • 50 hp
  • Intuitive controls
  • 5-year powertrain warranty
  • Easy-to-use transmission (9F/3R SyncShuttle)

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Most of the 5E series tractors are categorized into the 45 to 75 Horsepower range. This budget-friendly 5045E tractor falls on the lowest end available as far as horsepower goes, but it is not lacking in its capability to get the job done. Durable and reliable, this machine has a smooth transition for a comfortable ride and a 3-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine for exceptional power and efficiency. If you are someone looking for a machine that can handle larger implements that go beyond your basic mowing needs, then the upgrade from a compact tractor to a utility tractor is the right decision. 

John Deere 5055E Cab Tractor

John Deere 5055E

Key Features:

  • 59 hp
  • MFWD
  • Cab configuration
  • 12F/12R power reverse transmission

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Next up we have the 5055E Cab tractor. Like other 5E series, this style has a 3-cylinder engine as well. You can rest easy knowing you can stay cool or warm in the cab with powerful climate control. Count on comfortability and efficiency in this tractor, with smooth hydraulics and fuel-saving “Economy Mode”. A great choice for everyday property maintenance.

John Deere 5065E Open Station

John Deere 5065E

Key Features:

  • 67 hp
  • 2WD or MFWD
  • Easy-to-use transmission (9F/3R SyncShuttle)
  • Open operator station

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This all-purpose tractor combines simplicity, comfort, and efficiency into one. With 67 Horsepower and a 3-cylinder engine, the 5065E makes a great candidate for a mid-size tractor. You can tackle rougher terrain with the foot-operated differential lock, allowing you to get the job done without hesitation. 

John Deere 5075E Utility Tractor

John Deere 5075E

Key Features:

  • 73.7 hp
  • 2WD or MFWD
  • 5-year powertrain warranty
  • No Regen required

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The 5075E utility tractor is the perfect selection for all things farming. Tackle any tough chore in no time with its powerful 3-cylinder engine with 73.7 Horsepower. Feed your cows in the rain, freezing temperatures, or hot sunny days with the premium or standard cab. Prefer old school open operator station? That’s okay, we’ve got that too. You can’t go wrong with this 5E model.

We are always happy to help at Lasseter Tractor Company. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. Check out our additional 5E Series tractors online or come shop with us at Unadilla, GA serving Warner Robins. Visit the links below for more helpful information and purchasing options. 

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