Best Implements for Small Tractors in Georgia

John Deere Compact Tractor with loader and rotary cutter

John Deere compact tractors are the perfect size for homeowners that want a small tractor for property maintenance. John Deere offers hundreds of implement and attachment options for their compact tractors. We won’t bore you by discussing all the different options and how you can use them, but we'll break down some of the most popular and versatile implement options we sell here at Lasseter Tractor. The type of implements homeowners need widely differs from one region to another so we will touch on the best implements for small property owners in Georgia.

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Homeowner Must-Haves

Loader & Bucket

A loader & bucket, the most well-known tractor implement combo out there, comes in at number one on our list. They are so much of a must-have, a lot of compact tractors are sold with loader arms and a bucket already attached. All front-end compact tractor implements require you to have loader arms. Without loader arms, your tractor is significantly less useful than it could be. There are a variety of bucket options available to choose from but the most common is a utility bucket. You can use them for hauling dirt, gardening supplies, debris- you name it, it can haul it (just don’t get too crazy).


Two of our most popular cutter/mower options are the Frontier Rotary Cutter and the Frontier Grooming Mower. It’s easy to think these implements are interchangeable, but they aren’t. Sure, they both cut grass, but the end result is much different. Rotary Cutters are designed for cutting through brush and weeds, and leave the grass with a more rugged finish. Grooming Mowers are designed to leave your grass with a well-manicured look. They are great for sodded yards and other grassy areas you want topped with a crisp cut.

Box Blade

Box Blades are a driveway’s best friend. They are designed with scarifiers that rip through packed dirt to break up clumps and bumps that have been packed into the path. Behind the scarifier teeth is a level blade that smooths out the dirt for a level finish. Box Blades can make quick work of driveways that have developed a washboard finish over time.

Post Hole Digger

This implement is a little more niche than the previously mentioned implements but is still one of the most popular ones. If you have any fence lines to put in or might have to repair, having a post hole digger is a must. They are also great for digging holes for planting trees and for digging holes for structures that require buried posts.

Rotary Tiller

If you’re into gardening or anyone in your family is, having a rear-mounted rotary tiller is a game-changer. Our Frontier Rotary Tillers make quick work of vegetable garden preparations. They can also be used for flower beds around your property. We have both forward and reverse tine rotary tillers. If you have tightly packed soil, getting a reverse tine tiller might be a better option for you because they do a little better job breaking through harder soils.

Why Lasseter Tractor?

We are Georgia’s hometown dealer. We are here to make sure you have the equipment you need to get the job done, whether that means selling you the equipment you need or just providing you with information so you can make the best decision. At Lasseter Tractor, we are focused on meeting your needs. Swing by any of our dealerships to get a closer look at these implements or to check out any of the other options we have. We look forward to getting you set up with the equipment you need.

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