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Spring is right around the corner, and having the perfect mower is key to keeping your lawn in top shape. So, what's the right mower for your lawn? John Deere has plenty of options, and at Lasseter Tractor Company, we're here to help you get your hands on the best mower for you. 

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John Deere S220 Lawn Tractor

Picking the Right Series

What size mower is ideal for you? 

John Deere's Lawn Tractors and residential mowers vary in size, ranging from 17.5 to 25.5 horsepower with 48- to 60-inch mower decks. While higher horsepower and larger decks mean faster mowing, we recommend considering the size of your lawn. A really sizable lawn—8 or more acres—is best handled with a Z700 Series, though a smaller lawn or a fenced-in backyard could be easily taken care of with the 100 Series

What is your property like?

As well as size, the condition of your lawn is an important factor. If your yard is full of trees, consider elements such as steering. A ZTrak™ Zero Turn mower may offer the handling you're looking for. On smaller, flat lawns, low horsepower will typically suffice, though a larger or hillier lawn may require a higher horsepower. 

Compare Specs

In deciding which series and which model is perfect for the size and condition of your lawn, it's necessary to compare the specifications of each John Deere series. Follow the link below to view our guide to picking your mower based on specs. 

Picking the Perfect Mower

Doing More With Your Mower

Attachments and Accessories

Brush Guards

A brush guard can help to protect your riding lawn mower from any accidental damage by brush, branches and other debris. 

Mulch Kits

You can help to cut down on waste and save time emptying your clippings bag by using a mulching kit. A mulching kit, instead of collecting your grass clippings, will compost them back into your lawn, benefitting the health of your grass and soil. 

Bagging Assembly

With a bagging assembly, you won't have to spread your lawn clippings, leaves and debris all throughout your yard. Instead, you can easily collect and compost your clippings. 

Lawn Cart

Pull a small lawn cart with any of your handy landscaping tools, fertilizer and whatever else might be of benefit to you while mowing and treating your lawn. 

More Than Mowing

Maybe you're needing a piece of equipment that is capable of more than mowing. John Deere's Compact Tractors have several mowing attachments and implements that will make mowing and multitasking easier than ever. Consider implements such as the AutoConnect™ mid-mount mower deck, a Rotary Cutter or a Grooming Mower. With a compact tractor, you'll be able to accomplish several tasks—including mowing—year-round. 

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