4 Family (43-66HP)

A Tractor with Comfort and Convenience for the Specialty Jobs.

Known as the King of Compacts, the John Deere 4 Family Compact Utility Tractor packs the most horsepower and weight, and it reigns supreme in comfortability for the long hours you put in every day.

The comfort of an air-conditioned cab on a long, hot Georgia day while you’re out tending to olives, blueberries or a pecan orchard makes the work go by faster. And knowing we at Lasseter Tractor are here for you every day makes a big difference, too.

The 4 Family Compact Utility Tractor also handles some construction jobs and is more comfortable and easier to transport than typical construction equipment. Just attach your gooseneck to your pickup truck and pull the tractor to your next job site. No CDL needed. Visit any Lasseter Tractor location near you in Georgia today for a test-drive.