FAQ: All You Need to Know About John Deere Implements

When you make the investment in a John Deere tractor, you want to ensure that it will pay itself off. John Deere's ergonomic implements offer dozens of user-friendly solutions to help check the boxes on your chore list. The versatility of these tools will help to consolidate the jobs around your land, whether you're working on the driveway, garden or farm. Here, we've gathered answers to some of your most common questions about John Deere implements. 

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John Deere 4066R with a Loader and Rotary Cutter

Choosing Implements

What are the most popular implements?

The basic Front Loader is one of the most widely used implements, as it is so widely applicable. Mowing implements like the Drive-Over AutoConnect™ Mid-Mound Mower Deck or a Category-1 Rotary Mower will give you precision mowing options to attach to your tractor - no need for a new mower! If you're needing to do some digging, the 270B Backhoe is a great addition to your gardening or landscaping tractor. 

Which chores could use an implement?


As mentioned above, one of Deere's Frontier Backhoe implements is great for digging and landscaping projects. Save the time - and your back - and let the easy-access, high-torque Backhoe do the digging. 


Use a Standard-Duty Rotary Tiller to turn and open your soil, and seed it with the Frontier Broadcast Spreader. Treat your soil with the Frontier Core Aerator, maximizing air, water and nutrient circulation. 

Moving Materials

A basic loader is a versatile tool that will help with tasks like hauling materials, liquids, fertilizers and more. In the case that you're hauling expensive materials, cut your losses with a Mechanical Self-Leveling Loader. Loaders are also sturdy tools for jobs like trail-clearing and rough scraping.


There are several implement options for mowing, such as the Mid-Mount Mower Deck, mentioned above. If you're working on a larger or rougher plot of land, consider an implement like the Finish Mower or a Rotary Cutter.  

Digging Post Holes

Post hole digging is a specific job that can be made much easier by a specific implement. Much like the Backhoe, the Frontier PHD Series will save you significant time and labor. Explore several options to match the width and depth needs of your project. 

Maintaining Your Driveway

The Frontier Box Blade Series is a great tool for skimming, leveling and grading uneven ground like dirt or gravel driveways. The BB2048L features either a fixed or a floating tailgate, making it easily adjustable to treat the grounds to your specific wishes. 

Using Implements

How do I attach my implements?

Although some implements are attached differently, most can be attached free of hand, with no help from a second person. Each implement's owner's manual comes with detailed instructions for attachment. 

Where can I purchase them?

You can learn more about specific implements on John Deere's website. When you've narrowed down your choices, and know which implement will be best for you, reach out to your local Lasseter Tractor Company to inquire about where and how you can purchase it. Some implements can be purchased at a discounted rate, along with a discounted tractor, in a Tractor Package promotion. 

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Maintenance Plan

Maintaining your tractor's implements is as important as maintaining the tractor itself. Like tractor maintenance, maintaining your implements doesn't have to be difficult. Here's a short list of tasks you can perform to keep your implements in top shape, ready to perform when you need them. 

Stay Organized

Keep your User Manual handy. In the event that an unexpected issue occurs, this will help to diagnose the problem and find a solution. Additionally, your User Manual will come with maintenance schedules for oil changes and lubrication. 


Just like your tractor, it is important to keep your implements oiled and greased. Keep all grease points lubricated to keep joints in proper, moving condition. Refer to your User Manual to find and target zerks, the small, metal nipple where you will inject grease. 

Inspect All Tires

Inspect the pressure of your tractor's tires and any tires on your implement. Properly inflating your tires is an easy precaution to take, protecting your tractor and implement from needless damage.

Keep it Cleaned and Stored Properly

To avoid rust and other unnecessary damage, keep your machine cleared of dirt and debris buildup. So long as you are able, it is important to store your equipment indoors or in a covered location to avoid damage from critters, debris and weather. 

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