Rear Blade vs. Box Blade: What's the Difference?

Box Blade

What is the difference between rear blades and box blades? This is a common question when it comes to searching for the best landscaping implement for your John Deere. Both are very versatile tools that are excellent resources depending on the job at hand. Let’s break down the uses for each of these implements to help you better understand which one might be best for you. 

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What You Need to Know About Frontier Rear Blades

How They Work

Rear blades are simple, yet effective 3-point attachments for your tractor. They are composed of a single blade, as opposed to box blades which also have teeth. This makes them ideal for jobs like leveling your driveway, poultry house maintenance, and clearing snow. If you are someone who regularly grades land, makes driveways, or consistently must remove snow, this attachment is perfect for you.

Key Features

They come in four duty classes: medium, medium-plus, heavy, and heavy-plus. Ranging from 5 to 10 feet in width, Frontier Rear Blades are compatible with 2WD tractors up to 160 horsepower or 4WD tractors up to 140 horsepower. A great feature is that the blades are reversible, so you get twice the work life. Built to be tough and adaptable, rear blades have a 360-degree swing angle that allows you to customize it to your specific job. Make adjustments in no time with the offset, tilt, and angle features. 

What You Need to Know About Box Blades

How They Work

Also a 3-point attachment for your tractor, box blades help to scrape and smooth the surface all in one pass. Frontier Box Blades coin their name from their design, a box-like shape. At the front of the box where you attach it to the tractor, it has teeth. These are what break up the ground before the blade follows shortly behind and smooths over it. With a straight blade on the front as well as the back of the box, you can move and level your terrain forward and backward. This makes the Frontier Box Blades ideal for someone who consistently finds themselves grading, leveling, removing ruts, or breaking up compacted ground.

Key Features

Frontier Box Blades have three scarifier depth adjustments to tackle numerous ground conditions. They also come in varying widths. The 20 series standard-duty box blades are 48 to 72 inches and are compatible with a 15 to 55 PTO horsepower with a Category 1 hitch. The 21 series medium-duty box blades come 72 and 84 inches and are compatible with tractors up to 72 PTO horsepower with a Category 1 hitch. Made from 3/8-inch steel, these attachments are built for tough ground and hard work.

Choosing the Right Accessory

Our trained staff at Lasseter Tractor Company are ready to listen to your projects and can help you choose which John Deere blade and model is the right one for you. Whether you already have a John Deere tractor and are looking for an attachment or need to find the right compact utility tractor for your property to go with your Frontier blade accessory, we have the professionals and the inventory to get you what you need. Click the links below to start your journey. 

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