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Are you looking for a modest, compact tractor with plenty of pulling power for your lawn maintenance or small farming operation? John Deere’s 3E models are perfect for the job. They’re highly versatile and compatible with several implements for whatever job is getting your hands dirty. 

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John Deere 3025E with a 270B Backhoe and 300E Loader


  • 24.7 - 37.3 horsepower
  • Power Steering
  • On-board Diagnostics (Service Advisor)
  • 4WD
  • Category 1 3-Point Hitch Compatibility
  • TwinTouchTM Hydrostatic Transmission

So, What Makes Them Special? 

With smooth, tight steering and John Deere’s signature TwinTouch™ Hydrostatic Transmission Controls, these compact tractors are more easily maneuverable than ever. Their Category 1 Hitch compatibility will allow you to tackle both your basic lawn maintenance chores and your heavier-duty farming tasks. With power take-off (PTO) power ranging from 17.4 to 30 horsepower, these tractors come with plenty of pulling power and lift capacity while not taking up too much space. Shop your desired horsepower and PTO power with the 3025E, 3032E, and 3038E.

Here’s How You Can Use Them

We recommend the 3 Family to those of you who aren’t afraid to work with your hands. Whether you’re mowing your property, tilling your garden, or anything in between, John Deere’s 3E tractors will fit the implement you need. Though there are many ways to put these machines to work, we’ve made up a list of some of the most popular. 


Choose from John Deere’s lineup of Grooming Mowers for a budget-friendly option to take care of your overgrown land. 

Moving Materials

Equip your 3E with a loader of your choice for landscaping, moving gravel, or any other task you need some extra help with. They’re compatible with both the John Deere D160 Loader and the 300E Loader, with an option for mechanical self-leveling (MSL). 


Taking care of your mid-sized garden? Attach a Frontier Rotary Tiller, with models ranging from 48-inch to 78-inch tilling width. 


Last but certainly not least, John Deere’s 3E Compact Tractors are great for digging. Whether you’re landscaping, planting trees or simply having some fun, the 370B Backhoe is here to help. Designed with you in mind, this implement is comfortable, user-friendly and quickly attachable. 

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These are only a few of the jobs you might work on with your tractor; the opportunities are endless. If you're not sure that this is the right tractor for your property, give us a call or visit your nearest dealer today. 

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