Best Compact Excavators in Tifton, GA

John Deere excavator

Looking for the best compact excavator for sale in Georgia? You’ve come to the right place. The best excavator for the job varies based on the type of tasks you’ll be doing. Some tasks require a more powerful and heavier machine while other tasks can be completed with a smaller less powerful machine. Lasseter Tractor offers a variety of John Deere mini excavators with different working capabilities. 

Top Small Excavators To Meet Your Needs

To help you decide which mini excavator is the best fit for you and your work environment, our experts have put together a list of the top excavators we have for sale in Tifton, Georgia. When choosing which compact excavator to buy, it’s important to consider each of the machine specifications to make sure you are getting a machine that is capable of doing the jobs you’ll be taking on.

John Deere 35G Compact Excavator

35G Compact Excavator Key Specs:

- Net Engine Power: 23.3 hp

- Max Digging Depth: 10 ft. 0 in.

- Max Digging Reach: 17 ft. 1 in.

- Operating Weight: 8,135 lb.

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Falling in the middle of John Deere’s compact excavator lineup, the 35G Compact Excavator is the smallest excavator to make it on the list. These excavators are equipped with intuitive speed controls that allow you to focus more on working and less on the internal functioning of the excavator. When the machine encounters a heavy load, it automatically switches into low so more of the power can be used to move the load. These machines are great for mid-large-scale landscaping jobs. They are small enough and have a light enough footprint that their tracks won’t disrupt ground, but are capable of digging in and getting the job done.

John Deere 50G Compact Excavator

50G Compact Excavator Key Specs:

- Net Engine Power: 35.9 hp

- Max Digging Depth: 11 ft. 7 in.

- Max Digging Reach: 19 ft. 7 in.

- Operating Weight: 10,847 lb.

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Looking for a machine to take on small-scale structure demolition and foundation prep? Meet the 50G Compact Excavator. They are larger than the 35G and have a greater working capacity so you can take on more grueling tasks without laboring the excavator or having to worry about overloading the machine. With the help of one of John Deere’s hydraulic hammer attachments, you can make quick work of breaking up concrete pads.

John Deere 60G Compact Excavator

60G Excavator Key Specs:

- Net Engine Power: 53 hp

- Max Digging Depth: 12 ft. 4 in.

- Max Digging Reach: 20 ft. 5 in.

- Operating Weight: 13,620 lb.

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The one that can do it all, the 60G Excavator. These machines can do everything you could want a mini excavator to do. They are great for digging pools, demolishing structures, installing retaining walls, and clearing construction debris. They are built with heavy-duty x-frames and rigid D-channel side frames. They come standard equipped for the most comfort with a factory-installed cab. If you are looking for a machine to add to your construction fleet that is smaller but more than capable, the 60G might be just what you are looking for.

Mini Excavator Model Comparison

John Deere 50G John Deere 50G John Deere 60G
Compact Frame Yes Yes Yes
Canopy (Standard) Yes Yes
Cab (Standard) Yes
Landscaping Yes
Structure Demolition Yes Yes

Ready to make or purchase or just want more information on these groundbreaking machines? Contact our team at Lasseter Tractor in Tifton, Georgia and we will get you to set up. Our top priority is to get you the equipment you need to get the job done right. Let us help you be more productive today.

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