Privacy Policy

The Lasseter1 family of John Deere dealerships wants you to know that, in these times, personal information and data about you and your equipment is being collected and stored from multiple sources, including directly from you, our valued customer.

We want you, our valued customer, to know the Privacy Policy for Lasseter. We want you, our valued customer, to know what private information and data Lasseter has and to what use and protection we at Lasseter go to in order to protect your private information and data.

  1. TYPES OF INFORMATION & DATA TO BE COLLECTEDLasseter digitally collects two basic types of information: “Personal Information” and “Machine Data.”Personal Information – Personal Information is information that can be used to identify you, locate you, or enable Lasseter to contact you. Most of this information is given by you, our valued customer, at the point of when you purchase a product or service from Lasseter. However, it may also be collected at other times. Lasseter usually collects the following types of Personal Information:

    Machine Data – Machine Data is data generated by, collected by and stored either in your equipment or by some interfacing device installed on your equipment. Machine data usually includes such information as the location of your equipment, the number of engine hours on your equipment, service interval data, data regarding equipment operation (such as quantity of fuel used), and equipment diagnostic data. Some equipment also stores and reports Crop Data. If stored and reported, Crop Data includes information about your crop operations that was performed by your equipment, such as planting and spraying rates and acreage, acres harvested and crop yield, farm sizes and location, fields planted, fields tended and fields harvested, and crop varieties. Most crop data is collected based upon your request to the equipment to keep up with such information and on the information you have entered it into your machines identifying the crops and/or hardware devices interfacing with your equipment

    Production Data – Production Data is Customer data that relates to fertilizing rates, planting rates, spraying rates, acreage serviced, acres harvested, crop yield, farm sizes, farm locations, fields planted, fields tended, fields harvested and crop varieties.

    1. Contact Information that allows us to identify and to communicate with you, such as your name, phone number, username, mailing address, email address, and language preference.
    2. Relationship Information that helps us understand your operation and what you want or need in order for Lasseter to offer you products and services that may be of interest to you or helpful in your operation, such as property, farm, business information, your crops, your livestock, your general location, and other demographic information.
    3. Transaction Information about how you interact with us and our business partners, including purchases, inquiries, and customer accounts.
    4. Financial Account Information as needed to complete your purchase, such as information about your personal Lasseter credit account, about your credit card information (if a credit card is used by you), and information about your equipment financing and leasing activities, if any.
  2. HOW LASSETER COLLECTS INFORMATION & DATA Directly From You – Most of the Personal Information we have was given by you directly to Lasseter. Each time you interact with Lasseter, Lasseter requests your Personal Information (e.g., Contact Information and Relationship Information). Interactions are such as when you order equipment, purchase equipment, request service, register the warranty on your equipment, request a warranty service on a piece of equipment, or register on our website or sign up to receive a flyer such as an emailed newsletter. We may also collect additional Relationship Information about you from third-party data suppliers which help us to better understand and serve you, our valued customer. We also collect data from social media sites such as Facebook (if you “Like” our pages), or join our communities. We also collect Personal Information when you use our mobile applications or contact us, such as for customer service purposes. From Our Business Associates – When you purchase or lease a product or obtain financing from a manufacturer Lasseter represents or financial affiliate of Lasseter, we may collect Personal Information (e.g., Transaction Information and Financial Account Information). We may also collect Personal Information from third parties (such as when we obtain credit information or need to verify information that you have provided) in order to complete your purchase or assist you in securing financing.From Our Website – If you connect to our website online, the website uses data packets shared by your computer, known as cookies, and other technological tools to collect information about your computer and your use of our website and applications. We treat this information as Personal Information when it is associated with your Contact Information.

    From Your Equipment – If your equipment settings allow it, we collect Machine Data from your equipment or devices via the JDLink™ Telematics Service, Service ADVISOR™, or other similar services. We may also receive location data from your smart phone or other geo-aware device. We treat this information as Personal Information if it is associated with your Contact Information.

  3. HOW LASSETER USES INFORMATION & DATA (the “Purposes”)Lasseter uses Personal Information and Machine Data for a variety of purposes, including, but not limited to: Service – We use your personal information to fulfill your orders for products or services related to your request or order, such as product delivery, maintenance, warranty service, financing, leasing, and credit services. We may also use machine data to suggest accessories for your equipment, which will make it more efficient, handle the scheduling of equipment maintenance, warranty service or repair service. Product and Customer Support – We use machine data to provide support for your equipment, including monitoring and managing the health of your machines, to check on the need for upgrades, to perform diagnostics, and to make repairs. We use your personal information to deliver notices to you regarding recalls, upgrade available for your equipment, product improvements, program communications, need for service, and product safety.

    Marketing – We use your personal information to provide you with communications and offers for products and services from the Lasseter family of dealers, suppliers and business associates, including offers based on your stated interests, your demonstrated interests, personal and business characteristics and your location.

    Surveys & Promotional Events – We use your personal information to administer surveys, polls, sweepstakes, contests, loyalty programs, and other promotional events.

    Eligibility – We use your personal information to determine if you are eligible for certain products, services or offers.

    Communications – We use your personal information to provide you with information that may be of interest to you, such as Lasseter newsletters, magazines from Deere & Company (such as The Furrow and Homestead) and other manufacturing companies, catalogs, announcements, reminders, and technical service bulletins.

    Manage Our Everyday Business Needs – We use your personal information and machine data to process payments and financial account management, product development, product safety, contract management, website administration, web-forum management, order or contract fulfillment, analytics, fraud prevention, corporate governance, reporting, and legal compliance.

  4. WHY WOULD LASSETER DISCLOSE YOUR INFORMATION & DATA Lasseter understands that you may not want us to provide Personal Information and Machine Data to third parties for their own marketing purposes. Based on this understanding, unless you tell us otherwise, Lasseter limits the sharing of Personal Information and Machine Data to the following: Business Associates – We may share Personal Information and Machine Data with Deere & Company and other business associates, which may use it for the Purposes listed above.

    Service Providers – We may share Personal Information and Machine Data with any outside service providers we utilize to fulfill any requests made by you for service, parts, or consultations
    on our behalf. Our service providers are bound by law or contract to protect the information and data, and to only use it in accordance with our instructions.

    Sales Transaction – We may disclose Personal Information and Machine Data when needed to affect the sale or transfer of business assets, to enforce our rights, protect our property or protect the rights, property or safety of others or as needed to support external auditing, compliance, and corporate governance functions. We will disclose Personal Information and Machine Data when required to do so by law, such as in response to a subpoena, including to law enforcement agencies and courts in the United States and other countries where we operate.

    Please note that this policy does not affect our right to share and/or disclose information and data received from you or your equipment that is about you, but which does not personally identify you, give your location, or your contact information. For example, Lasseter may publish reports that contain aggregated and statistical data about our customers and equipment. These reports do not contain information, that would enable the recipient to contact, locate, or identify you

    Lasseter wants you to be informed. If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy or use of your information or data, please feel free to contact us.

1 Lasseter includes Lasseter Tractor Co., Inc., Lasseter Implement, LLC and Lasseter Equipment Group, LLC, hereinafter all whom are collectively referred to in this policy statement as “Lasseter”