John Deere 3 Family: Compact Utility Tractors Made For Work

Here at Lasseter, we understand that projects come in all shapes and sizes. From mowing overgrowth to mulching flower beds, there’s no telling what you might find yourself doing. You need a tractor that isn’t afraid to get dirty. 

When looking for new equipment, it’s important to know what a tractor is capable of. Continue reading to learn about what a select few of the John Deere 3 Family Compact Utility Tractor family can offer you and your work.

John Deere 3 Series Tractor in front of barn.

While there are nine compact tractors in this line of John Deere equipment, this blog will showcase three models: the 3025E, 3039R and 3046R. Each product has unique offerings that would make the perfect fit for the work you do.

Meet the 3E

The 3E small farm and utility tractors are economical and versatile, which makes them perfect for digging into your to-do lists. These tractors have power steering, four-wheel drive, and a TwinTouch pedal system to make changing directions easy with dedicated pedals (one for forward and one for reverse). Each model offers a 12-volt outlet to give you access to power when you need it.

A service advisor is your onboard diagnostics tool to identify mechanical problems and help direct repairs. While any tractor in this line is worth your time, read on to see why the 3025E might be the tractor for you.


John Deere 3025E Compact Utility Tractor

The 3025E boasts a powerful, diesel engine that handles heavy loads without faulting on power delivery. Paired with an easy-to-use hydrostatic transmission (HST), this tractor’s performance won’t disappoint. The operator station is clean and simple, offering comfort and convenience. With optional rear selective valve control (SCV) and iMatch Quick-Hitch features, you can take your hook-ups to a new level. On top of all of that, this tractor’s excellent serviceability reduces operational costs and improves productivity.

Meet the 3R

The 3R line is fitted with technology that makes your loading work more efficient and smoother. LoadMatch technology prevents the engine from stalling during heavy load applications. Fitted with cruise control and SpeedMatch technology, these tractors take the guesswork out of maintaining a manageable speed. Each tractor in this line offers you the best of loading technology, but this blog focuses on the 3039R and the 3046R.


John Deere 3039 Series Compact Utility Tractor

The 3039R series offers a similar operator station aimed towards comfort and convenience. An optional ComfortGuard cab provides superior comfort and performance. A powerful Yanmar diesel engine delivers plenty of power under heavy loads. The eHydro transmission maximizes productivity, and a PowrReverser transmission allows for clutchless direction changes. Serviceability is the same as the 3025E, which helps with operational costs and improves productivity.

3046R Series

John Deere 3046R Series Compact Utility Tractor

Similar to the tractor mentioned before, the 3046R has all the makings to make this the most efficient tractor you’ve owned. With an eHydro and PowrReverser transmission, you’ve got maximized productivity, and with the same powerful Yanmar engine, you’ve got all the power you could ask for. The operator station is made for comfort, but you can add the premium ComfortGuard cab to take that comfort to a new level.

Don’t Wait to Get Productive

The John Deere 3 Series Compact Utility Family has nine tractors that are ready to work for you. In this blog, you got a look at three of those machines in the large family of John Deere equipment. To learn more about the other tractors, visit the family homepage. 

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