Upgrade your Planting Equipment with John Deere at Lasseter

posted on Monday, July 8, 2024 in Dealer News

Enhance your John Deere equipment with a Performance Upgrade Kit from Lasseter Tractor Company. 

Here at Lasseter Tractor Company, we value our long-time customers. If you’ve been part of the John Deere family for a while, you understand the power and durability of the equipment. 

We also understand that while technology moves forward at a rapid pace, it might not be time for you to invest in brand new machines quite yet. That’s where John Deere Precision Upgrade Kits come in. These kits give you the ability to upgrade eligible planting equipment without totally replacing it. 

John Deere DB80 Planter in use in a field.

Why upgrade your John Deere planting equipment?

There are many reasons why you should upgrade your planting equipment with John Deere Precision Upgrade Kits. Here are a few:

  • You’re considering replacing your planting equipment but not quite sure you want to take on the commitment of a new model
  • You’re confident in your current equipment’s performance, but are curious about new technology and want to optimize what you already have
  • You’re not really in the market for new equipment right now, but want to ensure you’re performing as efficiently as possible in the field

Upgrading your equipment might be just what you and your land need. Keep reading to learn about three major benefits available with a John Deere Precision Upgrade Kit.

MaxEmerge™ Row Units 

Not all fields are created equal. Oftentimes, growers have curved or oddly shaped areas to contend with. Spaces like this are no match for MaxEmerge™ technology! Maintain population accuracy around curves thanks to electric drive meters. This upgrade eliminates the wear and tear typical of traditional mechanical drives. Row-by-row shutoff allows for precise spacing, even around corners. 

With a wide variety of crop availability for this upgrade, this may be just what your operation needs to enhance your variable rate planting capabilities! 


Uniformity is a key factor in successful plant growth. ExactEmerge™ is designed to place each seed precisely at the bottom of each trench. Population control is easy with this upgrade, no matter the terrain on your land.

This upgrade will make your long days shorter without sacrificing quality work. Learn more about the ExactEmerge™ upgrade here.

Individual Row Hydraulic Downforce (IRHD)

The IRHD upgrade will increase your planting performance at high speeds with 5 times per second adjustments. In addition to active pneumatic downforce, which allows you to increase or decrease pressure from the comfort of the cab, IRHD boosts seed-to-soil contact and ensures consistency when planting.

John Deere 1725C Planter in use in a field.

Whether it’s new John Deere equipment or making upgrades to equipment you already have, we understand the importance of finding what works best for you. Visit your local Lasseter Tractor Company John Deere dealership to learn more about Performance Upgrade Kits and more. Find the store nearest you here.