Onion Season ft. John Deere Equipment from Lasseter

posted on Thursday, April 25, 2024 in Dealer News

As spring blooms in Georgia, it welcomes with it Vidalia onion season. This special crop is only available for a limited period each year. The season kicks off in April and, weather dependent, can last until September. 

Before we dig into how John Deere equipment from Lasseter Tractor Company equips growers for success during this time of year, let’s start with some Vidalia onion facts. 

  1. The “Vidalia onion” name and the crop’s official growing season in south Georgia was established by The Vidalia Onion Act of 1986. (Source
  2. Sulfur content in the soil leads to a sweeter flavor. (Source
  3. These onions are known as “America’s favorite sweet onion.” (Source)
  4. Each year, the Vidalia onion pack date is determined by “soil and weather conditions during the growing season, contributing to high quality Vidalia onions.” This year’s recommended pack date is April 17. (Source

As you can see, there’s a lot to be excited about when this treat comes back in season each year. Known for their mild, sweet flavor and crisp texture, Vidalia onions are enjoyed in kitchens across the globe. 

A John Deere tractor works in an onion field

So, where do Lasseter and John Deere fit in with all this?

At the heart of every successful Vidalia onion farm lies reliable equipment that streamlines operations and maximizes yield. Lasseter Tractor Company proudly offers a range of John Deere products to support the needs of Vidalia onion producers. Here are some essential John Deere tools that play a crucial role in Vidalia onion cultivation:

  • John Deere Tractors: From preparing the soil with the help of tillage attachments to harvesting those delicious onions when the time comes, John Deere tractors provide the power and precision required for every stage of the onion farming journey. Models like the John Deere 6 Series tractors excel in versatility, maneuverability and fuel efficiency, making them ideal companions for Vidalia onion growers.
  • John Deere Planters: Achieving optimal seed placement is essential for Vidalia onion success, and John Deere planters deliver unparalleled accuracy and efficiency. With features like ExactEmerge™ technology, John Deere planters ensure uniform spacing and depth, setting the stage for robust onion growth. When driving through Georgia during Vidalia onion planting season, you shouldn’t be surprised to see a piece of John Deere equipment in the field hard at work. 
  • John Deere Sprayers: Protecting Vidalia onions from pests and diseases is paramount, and John Deere sprayers provide the solution. Equipped with advanced spraying systems and precise application control, John Deere sprayers safeguard onion crops while minimizing environmental impact.

Vidalia onions are largely harvested by hand, making this crop a true labor of love for many growers and their teams. One thing we know for sure is that we’re certainly glad they make the effort for this Georgia-grown staple! 

At Lasseter Tractor Company, we're proud to support Vidalia onion farmers with top-of-the-line John Deere equipment and a commitment to quality in all areas. Find your local Lasseter John Deere dealer here