John Deere Compact Utility Tractors at Lasseter

posted on Monday, July 1, 2024 in Dealer News

Not just for farming - Lasseter Tractor Company offers quality John Deere Compact Utility Tractors fit for any project. 

John Deere equipment isn’t only useful for farming. John Deere Compact Utility Tractors from Lasseter Tractor Company are designed to make your life easier, at home or on the job site! From feeding livestock to mowing your backyard, Lasseter is here to help you find the right John Deere compact tractor for you. 

From property management around your home to your large fields, there are a wide variety of John Deere Compact Utility Tractors that are sure to fit your needs. Each family has their own unique attributes that offer increased efficiency. In this blog, we’ll talk just a bit about each tractor series. 

1 Family (23-25HP)

The 1 Series family features sub-compact tractors that make backyard and small acreage work a breeze. The 1023E Sub-Compact Tractor offers flexibility in operation. With standard four-wheel drive and excellent power steering, the 1023E makes maneuvering around backyard obstacles easy.

The optional cab on the 1025R Sub-Compact Tractor makes year-round work much more enjoyable.

Man riding a John Deere 1025R Sub-Compact Tractor through a field.

2 Family (25-38HP)

The 2 Series offers a variety of unique John Deere Compact Utility Tractors that make property maintenance tasks more comfortable. The 2 Family is designed to be sleek, yet tough. The powerful Yanmar diesel engines on these tractors ensure that you have the strength you need to get the job done.

The operating station in John Deere’s 2025R Compact Tractor has been designed for maximized comfort and convenience. The hydrostatic transmission is easy to operate and is ideally suited for productivity.

The ??2032R  and the 2038R Compact Tractors feature the CommandCut™ mower deck lift system for quick adjustments. These tractors are equipped for easy hookups with the iMatch Quick Hitch.

Man riding the 2032R Compact Tractor mowing a field.

3 Family (24-46HP)

3 Series tractors are perfect for people who aren’t afraid of a little dirt. The tractors in this family are adaptable for any of your needs. Their heavy duty diesel engines make large loads easy to manage. 

The 3025D Compact Tractor is an excellent example of a durable machine that is built to last. The 3025D has an optional two-spool rear selective control valve that maximizes performance. The standard four-wheel drive allows the tractor to navigate whatever your land has in store.

The 3046R Compact Utility Tractor features an attractive look that proves that style and functionality go hand-in-hand. Additionally, the 3046R is equipped with the PowrReverser transmission, which allows for clutchless directional change.

The John Deere 3046R Compact Utility Tractor in a horse arena with a horse and two women.

4 Family (43-75HP)

John Deere 4 Series Compact Utility Tractors are great for specialty jobs. Helpful with everything from construction to crops like a pecan orchard, the 4 Family is sure to have what you need. 

The 4044R Compact Utility Tractor has a comfortable and a stylish operator station that is designed for your comfort. The 4044R features a hitch assist that allows you to easily move the tractor back and forth when attaching to other pieces of equipment. 

The 4066M Compact Utility Tractor maximizes productivity with an eHydro™ transmission. This feature provides fast and easy directional changes. The 4066M also has easy access to regular service points to make check-ups a breeze.

The John Deere 4066M Compact Utility Tractor driving through a dirt field.

Find the right Compact Utility Tractor for you at Lasseter Tractor Company. 

Each of John Deere’s Compact Utility Tractors is designed to be adaptable, attractive, and durable. 

Whether mowing your backyard or navigating South Georgia’s terrain, Lasseter has the right tractor for you. View our line of John Deere Compact Utility Tractors online or find your local Lasseter Tractor Company location here.