New 27D Excavator

27D Excavator

Want to position yourself for greater productivity? Try the 27D Compact Excavator. Its zero-tail-swing design allows this nimble excavator to rotate fully without banging its tail into something. Combined with independent swing boom and 360-degree rotation, it slips into close quarters comfortably and works with ease around obstacles. But it's not just its shape and small stature that make the 27D such a valuable asset. So you can put more work within reach.

Key Features
  • Interim Tier 4-certified engine
  • Standard auxiliary hydraulics
  • Zero tail swing
  • Attachment ready
Net Power 19.7 kW (26.4 hp) @ 2,200 rpm
Max. Digging Depth 2.59 m (8 ft. 6 in.)
Max. Digging Reach 4.67 m (15 ft. 4 in.)
Bucket Breakout Force 22.2 kN (4,994 lb.)