New 1720 Integral Stack-Fold

Integral Planters
1720 Integral Stack-Fold

No need to empty hoppers. For wide planting but narrow transport, choose the 1720 John Deere Stack-Fold Planter. With 8-, 12-, and 16-row models available, you'll cover fields in a hurry. But field-to-field transport won't slow your pace. Simply fold the wings hydraulically over-center for travel. And, because the seed boxes stay upright during transport, you don't have to empty the hoppers each time you move.

Key Features
  • RowCommand™ individual-row control system
  • SeedStar™2 monitoring system
  • Improved pneumatic downforce system
  • Seed variable-rate drive
Hitch TypeCat. 2 or 3 with Quik-Coupler
Lift System TypeTractor 3-point hitch
Row Units TypeMaxEmerge™ XP
Seed Meters BaseVacuum